Breaking news – No Global Warming to Date

Yesterday the press discovered Met Office recently (quietly) released a report that global warming ceased 16 years ago. Since 2010 was such a warm year it appeared that there might be a warming trend; however, when the 2011 and 2012 (through August) data was released the overall effect was neutral. Professor Phil Jones, Director of the Climatic Research unit at the University of East Anglia said 16 years was too short a time to make a determination which contradicted a statement he made 15 years ago that 15 years would show a trend. Professor Judith Curry, head of the Climate Science at Georgia Tech University disagreed stating that the climate model that has been used to predict global warming is flawed. Since it did not predict this pause in warming everyone has to agree. Until an accurate model is developed the warming or cooling hype is just promotional and should not be taken as any emergency that needs our immediate attention. More on this at–chart-prove-it.html

Another big announcement by National Geographic also came out yesterday that ice in Antarctica is growing.  Although it is not growing as fast as the ice in the Arctic is melting there is a significant amount which helped neutralize warming over the past 16 years. More at

Finally, here is an additional article from today

So no need to get excited about global warming until the global temperature rises 2 degrees.  Since it has been neutral for 16 years it will be quite a while before the earth realizes that much increase.  So have a good life.

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