Earth Day is Coming

As earth day is approaching it would be good to take a good look at “truth” since it seems to have taken flight in light of the hucksters who twist science for their personal gain. For thousands of years it seems that however good a people may try to be there are those who would pervert the truth to obtain personal gain.Since carbon dioxide helps maintain tolerable temperatures on earth there are those who decided to claim that humans are causing global warming by creating more carbon dioxide than previous generations.  Since the earth has been warming and cooling in cycles for thousands of years they find it difficult to explain global warming prior to the industrial revolution. (These are the same people who claimed the earth was headed for destruction due to global cooling in 1979.) They avoid issues that shed light on the truth and blaspheme those who disagree with them. By convincing the public that humans are creating the global warming they are able to focus public sentiment against any large corporation who does not cooperate. So we see all the automobile companies lowering their CO2 emissions to satisfy the public that they are helping to save the environment. Other corporations are threatened with bad publicity if they do not purchase carbon offsets. So the investors in the London, England firm G.I.F. are becoming millionaires as a result. Their president Al Gore enjoys his private jet, several homes and all those things he warns others not to partake of. The United Nations Intergovernmental Council on Climate Chage had created data falsely ‘proving’ that Global Warming was caused by humans. After it was exposed that the data had been manufactured to fit their conclusions they recently admitted that humans had little, if any, affect on global warming.

So the hoax has been exposed. But the media and others continue to promote the lies. Carbon dioxide is odorless and colorless. It is required by plants for their very survival. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. More carbon dioxide is needed to keep plants healthy, not less. The fresh air you get from a walk in the woods should convince you that the extra oxygen there is a benefit. Every time you exhale you provide carbon dioxide for the plants. So breathe on your plants to keep them healthy. They will return the favor with an output of oxygen to improve your health.

So celebrate earth day by learning the truth, correcting the lies, picking up some trash and make it just a little better than when we came. And don’t forget to thank the Creator for the beautiful earth we have!   (Also see ‘Save the Birds!’ Feb. post.)

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