Welcome to Wayne’s Blog! It is intended to encourage better learning through the CAMIL methodology which has an emphasis on Curiosity which gets the student’s Attention in order to Motivate him/her getting him/her Involved so that Learning takes place. My presentation for the 2010 MAME (Michigan Association for Media in Education) focused on using the camera as an educational tool. My first book “The Mystery at the Birdfeeder” follows the CAMIL methodology.  The word “mystery” in the title invokes Curiosity to get the student’s Attention to open the book to find the mystery and become Motivated to solve the mystery. The student is then Involved in the pursuit of Learning eight different birds while solving the mystery.  More information is available at

Hopefully this site will become a valuable reference for

  • Teachers – providing hints and sharing experiences using the CAMIL approach to learning.
  • Bird lovers – providing some photos and information of interest to bird lovers and of use in the classroom.
  • Nature lovers – providing interesting photographs of nature.

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