Let Common Sense Prevail

It seems that whenever a significant catastrophe occurs there is an element of our population that glories in being able to declare a solution which, if it had been implemented, would have had no impact on the event at all. The current crises are the events involving people being killed by guns. By creating hysteria those with an agenda attempt to gather the emotional anger of the masses and prevent any common sense thinking.  “Ban the guns” is the current cry with hopes of creating a registry of all gun owners and the eventual eradication of guns of the average citizen thus depriving them of their second ammendment right to bear arms. One case in point is the person who visited the Batman movie and shot many.  He had three theatres to choose from. He did not choose the one close to his home. Instead he chose the one in the state with the strongest gun control laws. That way he knew no one in the audience would shoot back. The gunmen who visit schools with ill intent know that schools generally have no armed guards which makes those in the schools an easy target.  There was a reason for the old saying that “the gun made every man the same size”.  There are always a few sick individuals who deviate from normal behaviour. They do not obey the laws and will find a way to get a weapon to fulfill their evil objectives. Laws don’t stop them. In response we have threats of retribution and jails. When a person of deviant behaviour knows that others have concealed weapons he/she is less likely to carry out an attack. A trained teacher with a gun would be a great deterrant to an attacker wanting to visit a school. We can call that protection – not over reacting. Do we owe it to our children to have them protected? A gunman may get off a couple shots, but there wouldn’t be a large massacre. People in hysteria don’t often consider reason. Evangelistic type people with their anti-gun agendas use “hot dog” (a skin of truth filled with a lie) misinformation to rally their supporters to create unnecessary laws. 

Many years ago a burgler who had served his time in jail wrote an article for the Reader’s Digest on how to protect your home. Burglers go for the easy ones. One of his attempts was thwarted when he was crawling into a basement through a basement window one night. He was met by two green eyes four inches apart. He made a hasty exit and learned later the family owned a pet couger.  Criminals go for the easy ones.  When a newspaper prints a list of who has guns it lets the burglers (and others) know which houses not to visit with evil intent.  Then on the other hand, the hardened professional criminal will know where to go if they need to obtain additional firearms.  I make a distinction here since there are skilled gangs that could out manuever a single person with a hand gun.

Returning to the hysteria aspect it is to be pointed out that criminals will always find a way to obtain a weapon for their job.  Taking guns from private citizens makes them ‘sitting ducks’ for the criminals.  This past week a woman called her husband at work (if I recall correctly) to alert him that someone was trying to break into their house. He called 911 on his other phone and instructed her to take the two children and hide in a certain closet. With the help of a crowbar the attacker got into the house. Not satisfied with burglery he hunted down the family in the closet. She shot him five times before he finally got the point and left. (The 911 tape was played on the radio and may now be on YouTube. You can relive the story!) You may ask “Why didn’t she kill him on the first try?” but many of us hesitate to actually kill another human being if it can be avoided. Protecting your family is an important responsibility. Following Teddy Roosevelt’s motto “speak softly and carry a big stick” may not always work, but a gun is a good deterrent to crime.  Let’s cut the hysteria and have some common sense. Some people don’t think like us; they actually want to harm others. Not understanding this causes people to jump on the current bandwagon as if it would help. The strict gun laws have not prevented the recent killings and never will. It’s the people exercising their second ammendment rights that make it a “more level paying field” and help reduce crime. It’s similar to having life insurance. You hope you won’t have to use it; but when the time comes you’re loved ones are so glad you did. Wouldn’t it be awful to watch your children killed and not be able to stop it? Maybe it’s time to think of ‘bearing arms’ an important responsibility to your family, yourself and your community. Take the course. Be ready. Hope you never need to use it; but if the time comes you may save the lives of others or your own family…and maybe you. Your family needs you and so does your employer. We’re told to be healthy, to drive properly and now maybe it’s time to be responsible in case the unthinkable happens; and we have a chance to stop or minimise the damage.  Let common sense prevail.

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