MAY DAY- Beware of CO2 Misinformation!

Years ago in a super hero comic the code word for emergency was “MAYDAY”. In one episode a boy in danger sent a note to the superhero saying “Remember my birthday.” Finding it a little odd he checked his files and discovered the boy’s birthday was May 1. That’s how the secret code was used to get the super hero to respond and rescue the boy from his captors. It’s time to shout “MAYDAY” to alert everyone to the dangers of misinformation about Global Warming.
I must first appologize for the reports today on the findings of my A.B. alma mater, the University of Michingan on Global Warming. One of my favorite classes (taken at the University of California, Northridge) was in the analysis of research. We learned how to find the flaws in research to be able to determine the reliability of the conclusions.¬† Analysis of the U of M¬†research was very easy compared to the statistical analyses required for some reports. This report is based on “estimates”. (Let me point out that the research was from the social studies, not the science department.) After the United Nations Intergovernmental Council on Climate Change admitted that Global Warming is not caused by humans (after their data was proven to be ‘estimated’) how can the University of Michigan repeat the same trick? Why bring discredit on the university? It’s supposed to be an institution of higher learning, not a platform for political manipulation. Other comments on their research indicate a political agenda to force people to abandon their current life style and be forced into a type of slavehood following their dictates on the use of carbon dioxide. We need more carbon dioxide for the plants, not less! Be sure to read “Earth Day is Coming” and “Save the Birds” on this blog.
To try to provide some sense to their report I’ll mention that promotions depend on new thoughts and concepts, not on repeating someone else’s research; but then, aren’t they just repeating what the UN did? I guess I can’t find an excuse for their lack of professionalism. It’s their religion. You just can ‘reason’ with that.

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