Save the Birds!

In order to maintain a healthy environment for animals, and birds in particular since they are the subject of my bird books, save the plants! On second thought, there are other animals popping up as a surprise in the books as well. So let’s make the environment safe for all the animals. ANIMALS NEED PLANTS! That sentence  needed emphasis because many people who claim to be environmentalists are actually harming plants! Plants need CARBON DIOXIDE! Yes, the substance that has become the villian of many environmentalists who claim they support the environment. Hopefully an explanation here will help them decide to be “true” environmentalists and promote MORE carbon dioxide, or admit that they do not care about the environment at all—it’s just a political issue with them. Here’s how it works. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide just like we breathe oxygen. Technically we breathe air and our lungs absorb the oxygen and send it throughout our body providing nourishment for our muscles. The plants exhale oxygen when they breathe in carbon dioxide. Humans (and animals) exhale carbon dioxide when they breathe oxygen (air). What a cooperative relationship! As humans provide the plants with carbon dioxide the plants provide humans with oxygen. Remember the “old wives’ tale” that talking to your plants makes them grow better? It is scientifically correct. Give the plants more CO2 and they will provide more oxygen and grow better. In two different studies with which I am familiar plants had a 20% improvement when carbon dioxide levels were increased in a closed environment. Did you ever go for a walk in the woods and take a deep breath? Lots of plants. Extra oxygen. Feels good. Studies have shown a little more oxygen causes the brain to function better. (No room for that today.) To better the environment we should focus on true polutants. Carbon dioxide is not one of them!

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Animal Rights Activists are Wrong!

Again this past week the Animal Rights Activists were in the news as one of them hired someone to kill a person wearing a fur coat. According to the news article the woman wanted to be nearby when the event took place so she could pass out pamphlets. Fortunately the person she hired was a law enforcement person who subsequently arrested her. These people who claim to be helping animals are actually doing the opposite. To explain I’ll relate the conversation of a friend of mine from the past.
My friend related to me that he did some trapping in the winter to get some extra income. When the anti-fur movement damaged the market for furs the amount of money he could get for furs dropped. So many trappers quit. A couple years later when there was a demand for furs my friend found that the pelts were not worth much. The abundance of the furry animals caused the next link in the food chain to be devoured. The result was too many creatures and not enough food. The furry creatures were starving to death. Few if any were healthy. So in the name of helping animals the Animal Rights Activists were causing the animals to starve to death. So is that beneficial to the animals?
So how did these people become so misguided? It was recently in the news that a presidential candidate referred to their credo as religion. This brought a lot of press and discussion. So what is the definition of religion? My definition is “A set of rules to be followed without a scientific basis”. For those of the Christian faith who would question this definition I refer to their Bible which reads “Without faith it is impossible to please God”. As pointed out above the Animal Rights Activists follow a creed that does not have science to back them up. So why are they so fanatical? To address the psychology of the movement they may have a void in their lives with a feeling of a lack of accomplishment. I propose that they most likely are unhappy with themselves, maybe even hate themselves, and by harming others under the guise of a “cause” they feel better about themselves. Many times people who are unhappy with themselves take it out on anyone who disagrees with them. Maybe more real science in the schools would help prevent such warped reasoning.

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The Mystery at the Birdfeeder

The first book in a series on backyard birds.

More information is avalable at This is the easy way to get to the Wan Lee Publishing web site where there is information on the books and author Wayne Brillhart who is available for speaking engagements in classrooms, universities, teacher conferences and interviews. Check the website to learn about his CAMIL approach to learning.

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Great Backyard Bird Count is Here!

This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Audubon Society. From February 17 to February 20 everyone is encouraged to join in counting birds. Today we saw several birds in the backyard at the feeders with one guest we had never seen before, a Northern Harrier!  It landed on one end of a horizontal pole that contained a suet feeder at the other end. I was not quick enough to get a photograph before it flew away even though it was on a tripod ready to shoot.  I was only about 20 feet from the camera. 🙁   However, I did get several shots of a beautiful cardinal and red bellied woodpecker. See “The Mystery at the Birdfeeder” facebook page for a list of the birds we counted earlier today. Also please “like”.   🙂

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Getting Started

A spam blocker has finally been installed to block the hundreds of spam blogs to the site. Now maybe this site can be turned into something useful and kept up to date. Next task is putting some videos on YouTube.

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Time for Victory

Having past the professional judges review Wayne Brillhart has reached finalist status in the “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” contest sponsored by The Authors Show. Now it is up to the public to vote for one of the 113 finalists. Please review the list of finalists. If your name is not on the list please vote for Wayne Brillhart. 🙂 Here’s the link to the site Just click on the seal on the right side of the page and scroll down to the Vote button. Thanks for your considerations!

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SAT Scores Not Up TO Par

On the news today it was reported that the SAT scores are dismal. Reading scores under 500 and the math scores just above. The scores have been declining since the mid 1960’s with many suggestions as to possible causes. None have been recognised as the root cause, only a possible slight impact. For those who went to school in the 1940’s or 1950’s the current school situation is “culture shock”. There was a defining factor that IMHO caused it all. As we continue I will expand on what I believe is the root cause with a course of reasoning that should cause serious thought if not an acceptable explanation. Short on time so stay tuned for more.

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Interview on the internet

Listen to Don McCauley interview Wayne Brillhart on on July 13 and 14. Only 15 minutes. Just click on the interview button.

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Welcome to Wayne’s Blog! It is intended to encourage better learning through the CAMIL methodology which has an emphasis on Curiosity which gets the student’s Attention in order to Motivate him/her getting him/her Involved so that Learning takes place. My presentation for the 2010 MAME (Michigan Association for Media in Education) focused on using the camera as an educational tool. My first book “The Mystery at the Birdfeeder” follows the CAMIL methodology.  The word “mystery” in the title invokes Curiosity to get the student’s Attention to open the book to find the mystery and become Motivated to solve the mystery. The student is then Involved in the pursuit of Learning eight different birds while solving the mystery.  More information is available at

Hopefully this site will become a valuable reference for

  • Teachers – providing hints and sharing experiences using the CAMIL approach to learning.
  • Bird lovers – providing some photos and information of interest to bird lovers and of use in the classroom.
  • Nature lovers – providing interesting photographs of nature.

Happy  Blogging,


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