Welcome to Wayne’s Blog. Although my focus is photography and authoring I have not quit my day job. 🙂  I’ve been a business analyst and program manager since getting my M.S. in Computer Science. Prior to that I acquired my M.A. in Administration, Supervision & Higher Education and have taught, excuse me, lectured at the University of Michigan, Flint and Wayne State University. I had a lovely office in the old Main building at WSU and was always tempted to answer the phone “Wayne State University, Wayne speaking.” For you younger folks that “phone” was a “land line” telephone with wires connected to the wall.  lol.

Prior to that I taught in secondary school and was a Title I Advisor for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Taught teachers how to use Apple computers. Taught adult school in the evening. Since reading scores were so bad in L.A. I set up a tutoring service and had a couple dozen teachers tutoring after hours for me.  Took a break in service to do some fun stuff. Directed a reading center promising a one grade level reading improvement in 6 weeks. One person improved 4 grade levels while most improved 2. Also tried executive search and learned a lot about how inefficient most businesses were run. Maybe that’s what led to becoming a business analyst.

During the whole time I took photographs dating back to the Argus C3.  I have lots of photographs of sunsets over the Pacific and of mountains. More recently I went to Tibet and took hundreds of photographs there and in China.  Then one day having been given a 200 mm telephoto lense I happened upon a special photograph…

And that’s what led to “The Mystery at the Birdfeeder”, “The Deer with the Purple Nose” and soon “The Big Foot Mystery”.  Books and stories available at  Enough for now. More later as the blogs progress.

Because of my broad background and insight on cultural issues I have been encouraged to comment on important issues of the day. Hence categories have been added so that those interested in a particular subject will be able to follow the blogs on that subject. Please keep an open mind as you read as I have a scientific bias and do not fall for what we use to call “hand waving” in the college math classes.  🙂

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