Save the Birds!

In order to maintain a healthy environment for animals, and birds in particular since they are the subject of my bird books, save the plants! On second thought, there are other animals popping up as a surprise in the books as well. So let’s make the environment safe for all the animals. ANIMALS NEED PLANTS! That sentence  needed emphasis because many people who claim to be environmentalists are actually harming plants! Plants need CARBON DIOXIDE! Yes, the substance that has become the villian of many environmentalists who claim they support the environment. Hopefully an explanation here will help them decide to be “true” environmentalists and promote MORE carbon dioxide, or admit that they do not care about the environment at all—it’s just a political issue with them. Here’s how it works. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide just like we breathe oxygen. Technically we breathe air and our lungs absorb the oxygen and send it throughout our body providing nourishment for our muscles. The plants exhale oxygen when they breathe in carbon dioxide. Humans (and animals) exhale carbon dioxide when they breathe oxygen (air). What a cooperative relationship! As humans provide the plants with carbon dioxide the plants provide humans with oxygen. Remember the “old wives’ tale” that talking to your plants makes them grow better? It is scientifically correct. Give the plants more CO2 and they will provide more oxygen and grow better. In two different studies with which I am familiar plants had a 20% improvement when carbon dioxide levels were increased in a closed environment. Did you ever go for a walk in the woods and take a deep breath? Lots of plants. Extra oxygen. Feels good. Studies have shown a little more oxygen causes the brain to function better. (No room for that today.) To better the environment we should focus on true polutants. Carbon dioxide is not one of them!

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