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A fine selection of calendars of very high quality pictures that will best add enjoyment to your day as you check the date each morning.

Made of high quality materials so the corners will not fall. The unique hanger will permit you to frame the pictures should you so choose. Thumbnails are shown here to provide an example of the photos in the calendar.

2010 Calendar is on hold.
Our printer closed its doors. We are looking for a new printer that meets our specifications.

november.jpg (39 kbytes) 2009 Scenery Calendar A variety of beautiful scenery photographs to help brighten your months. 2010 Calendars coming later this year.

dandilion2ndfaze.jpg (39 kbytes) 2009 Flower Calendar Up close photographs of nature's handiwork in bloom. 2010 Calendars coming later this year.

orangedragonfly.jpg (39 kbytes) 2009 Insect Calendar Take a look at the wonderful unique bugs caught on film. Butterflies, Dragonflies, Bees and more.. 2010 Calendars coming later this year.

Rusty4.jpg (39 kbytes) Rescued Dogs Calendar Read the stories of dogs rescued from abusive situations and view the pictures of these now contented darlings. 2010 Calendars coming later this year.

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