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    w w w . T h e B i r d B o o k s . c o m

    "The Deer with the Purple Nose" is now available at RedbirdFeeds & Pet Supply in Mt. Pleasant! See Where to Buy tab for more locations.

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    “ The book you've been waiting for."
    Thank you for your patience!

    “The Deer with the Purple Nose is brilliant!
    The story of how the book came to be is a story inside a story. I can’t wait to keep the story going with my grandchildren London and Lincoln.” Gayle Treece, Project Manager and Grandma

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    Overview of The Deer with the Purple Nose

    In this adventure the English Setter Purdy is joined by her brother Rusty. They see a deer with a purple nose and proceed to find clues to solve the mystery of how the deer got the purple nose. Was she injured? Was she sick? Was she acting funny? Purdy and Rusty ask several backyard birds for help to solve the mystery. A couple other creatures show up in the story as well. We think you will be surprised as Rusty and Purdy were; but if you know, don’t tell!
    This book is a great way to learn to identify the birds in your backyard as the book is all photographs, not artist renditions.

    Back Cover
    “ Learn to recognize the backyard birds as you help Rusty and Purdy find out how the deer got a purple nose!"

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