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  • Wayne Brillhart WAN Lee Publishing; Home of '' Wayne Brillhart
    Rusty and Purdy are looking for new adventures talking to the backyard birds and other creatures.

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     Give your children:

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  • Fun

  • A love of nature

  • Interest in birds

  • A promising future

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    “ Children love these books!"

    Give them a book that links to nature!

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    What people are saying about "The Deer with the Purple Nose:"

  • “The Deer with the Purple Nose is brilliant! The story of how the book came to be is a story inside a story. I can’t wait to keep the story going with my grandchildren London and Lincoln.”    ...Gayle Treece, Project Manager and Grandma

  • "Love these two books. I went to Emily's 3rd grade class and read 'The Mystery at the Birdfeeder.' They loved it and had so much fun sharing with me what they remembered I read."    ...Katie Hunt

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  • 3 Benefits of 'Talking to Your Tummy'

  • Remedies if you started reading too late

  • How to reverse "over half of students are below grade level in reading".

  • An infant's ability to learn

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    Breaking News:

    Click here for "The Bigfoot Mystery" Announcement! BigfootKS.jpg


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