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    W a n    L e e    P u b l i s h i n g

    Instructional Videos
    Bird Videos


    Instructional Videos

    The following short videos provide an overview of "The Mystery at the Birdfeeder" and the CAMIL approach to learning. View them all or select the ones of interest.

  • Animal Adventure: How student teachers can perform a great lesson in the classroom

  • Bird photography: Photographs of birds bring reality to this mystery story

  • Nature book: Photographs of birds in their natural environment add reality to a mystery story

  • An English Setter works with the backyard birds in their natural habitat to solve a mystery

  • Dog stories: How teachers can use a dog story to teach cooperation in the classroom

  • Dog stories: The backyard birds cooperate with an English Setter to solve a mystery

  • Animal Adventure: How teachers can use an animal adventure to teach perseverance and cooperation

  • Animal Adventure: An English Setter works with the backyard birds to solve a mystery

  • Backyard Birds: Learn about the birds in this Photographic Adventure

  • Backyard Birds: How Teachers Can Use Bird Watching to Promote Teamwork in the Classroom


    Bird Videos

    We have several videos of birds at work (eating) that are instructional and often fun. Additional information on the birds will be posted here as the videos are on line.

        Pileated Woodpecker Video Click here.

    The pileated woodpecker is about 16 to 19.5 inches in size and inhabits the United States and Canada where there are deciduous woods. In addition to insects the pileated woodpecker eats fruit, nuts and berries including poison ivy berries. (See Wikipedia.)

        More videos are being readied for posting on YouTube. We will link to them as soon as they are posted.


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    Learn about backyard birds with this fun mystery series. Books of actual photographs to enhance the reality of the story.

    TheMysteryCover.jpg DeerCover.jpg

    Three additional books in the series are now in the planning stage. Be sure to get them all!

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    Contact us at: comments@wanleepublishing.com