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  • W a n    L e e    P u b l i s h i n g

    T h e  B i r d  B o o k s . c o m

    Start the fun. Order below.

       The Mystery at the Birdfeeder.
    Temporarily out of stock.

       The Deer with the Purple Nose. $19.95
    Shipping and handling $4.95

       The Bigfoot Mystery. $19.95
    Shipping and handling $4.95

    Order both "The Deer with the Purple Nose" and "The Bigfoot Mystery" $39.75
    Shipping and handling $5.95

    Thank you for your interest in
    Wan Lee Publishing and our
    Backyard Bird series with Rusty and Purdy.


        Learning is FUN!
    So Read!

    Learn about backyard birds with this fun mystery series. Books of real photographs to make the story real.

    A deer with a purple nose?
    Now that would make me wonder!
    It couldn't be a rose;
    What did that nose get under?

    Learn to recognize the backyard birds as you help Purdy and Rusty find out how the deer got a purple nose in
    "The Deer with the Purple Nose".

    Begin the quest now! Add to cart on this page.

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    Wan Lee Publishing P.O. Box 15 Hartland, MI 48353
    Contact us at: comments@wanleepublishing.com