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    W A N    L e e    P u b l i s h i n g

    About Us
    (Also see Causes)

    When do children Learn?
    When they are involved!!

    So we created the CAMIL approach to learning

    WAN Lee Publishing promotes Wayne Brillhart's CAMIL methodology for learning:

       Curiosity promotes
          Attention which leads to
             Motivation which leads to
                Involvement which results in

    CAMIL is an exciting approach to teaching where the teacher focuses on curious ways to gain students attention to motivate and gain involvement so learning will be the natural outcome. "The Mystery at the Birdfeeder" and subsequent books in the series all follow the CAMIL methodology to teach about the birds. Since the book is all photographs a touch of reality is added to encourage a relationship with the out of doors and nature.

    Rusty4.jpg (39 kbytes) Rusty and Purdy purdydoghousecropped.jpg

    WAN Lee Publishing also encourages proper treatment of animals. Rusty and Purdy came from Last Chance Rescue and have now become stars in the book series. See our Causes page for more information.

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    Learn about backyard birds with this fun mystery series. Books of actual photographs to enhance the reality of the story.

    TheMysteryCover.jpg DeerCover.jpg BLUE LINE.jpg

    Buy Now!

    Wan Lee Publishing is producing a series of books with a mystery flavor and fine photography with the following goals:

  • Encourage Reading.
  • Recognizing backyard birds.
  • Have fun learning.
  • Encourage an appreciation for nature.
  • Focus on involvement (Great Backyard Birdcount).
  • Character building (Honesty, Teamwork, Perseverence, Tolerance, Success is its own reward).

  • Wan Lee Publishing P.O. Box 15 Hartland, MI 48353
    Contact us at: