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    Why adopt/purchase

    "The Rusty & Purdy Backyard Bird Adventure Series"?

    Fun books!     AND...

    Meets requirements for Reading and Bird Unit for many districts.

  • Love to read how English Setters Rusty & Purdy solve mysteries.
  • Learn about birds! (8 to 10 birds in each book.)
  • Become attracted to nature and the outdoors!
  • Relate to the reality of the beautiful photographs!
  • Enjoy the surprize at the end of the story!

    Teachers can teach:
  • Appreciation for birds and nature:
  • Teamwork and Diversity as Purdy works with the birds to solve the mysteries;
  • Perseverence when they have a false clue;
  • Success is its own reward; appreciation of accomplishment.

    This series of books is designed to assist the teacher in teaching scholastic requirements of birds and also the teaching of values making this an important tool for the teacher.

    In each book there are 8 to 10 backyard birds and possible other creatures that the English Setters, Rusty and Purdy, 'talk' to in order to solve the mystery. Each book contains a few birds not in the other books.

    Each book follows the CAMIL approach to learning:
      Curiosity promotes
        Attention which leads to
          Motivation which leads to
            Involvement which results in

  • Send an email to orders@wanleepublishing.com with contact information to discuss adoption and/or a quantity purchase.

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        Please click here to contact: Seattle Book Comapny for special rates.

    Books are also available via Baker & Taylor and Ingrams.

    For large orders or for an author visit contact: WAN Lee Publishing at 248-408-7103.

    Learn about backyard birds with this fun mystery series. Books of actual photographs to enhance the reality of the story.

    Educators click here for pdf overview of book.

    Note: "The Mystery at the Birdfeeder" hardcover edition is out of stock.

    TheMysteryCover.jpg DeerCover.jpg BigfootCover.jpgNew Release June, 2017

    Click here for a free Mystery at the Birdfeeder word search. Permission granted to copy for classroom use.

    Click here for a free Deer Coloring Page. .

    Wan Lee Publishing P.O. Box 15 Hartland, MI 48353
    Contact us at: comments@wanleepublishing.com