The Mystery At The Birdfeeder Story Details
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This pair of English Setter pups was picked up outside of a veterinarian technicianís house in Holly, Michigan where they had been thrown out of a car. They were taken to Last Chance Rescue where they were boarded for 2 weeks. Rusty is a liver and white male while his smaller sister Purdy is black and white. During this time they were given their puppy shots and were spayed (Purdy) and neutered (Rusty). They were also given a lot of love and attention. Their picture was discovered on the Last Chance Rescue Website. When I called they would not separate the dogs because Purdy was so traumatized that she stuck like glue to Rusty. We agreed to see the puppies and discuss adoption.

Rusty was immediately friendly, and wanted to be petted and if possible get on my lap. Purdy was very standoffish, but stayed close to Rusty. It was very evident that she was very traumatized and would take time and patience to become a loving pet. We agreed to move ahead with the adoption. Three days after the puppies moved in, they had torn up 2 couches and displayed their disdain for being house broken. This began the long road to house breaking and gently training two older puppies with great amounts of love and affection. They couldnít even really be hollered at because they would hide in fear. Three years later, I now have 2 loving happy dogs who will give my husband and me a great deal of pleasure for years to come. They were worth every bit of the effort we had to put out to bring them to the point where they are not only comfortable, but they think they are in heaven. P. B. (author's wife)

Next came the day when the birdfeeder was on the ground and the author had a picture of the culprit with her tongue in the birdfeeder. Purdy loves to be outside and watch everything going on from the top of her dog house. After a winter of photographing the birds a story line was needed. It was natural that with her ever watchful eye that Purdy evolved as the heroine of the story "talking to the birds" to learn who the culprit was. Of course it is only natural that Rusty and Purdy work with the birds to solve their mysteries. After all, English Setters are 'bird dogs'. :-)

Then came the photograph of the deer with what looked like a purple nose! This story is targeted for printing in the Summer of 2011. Rusty will join with Purdy to solve the Mystery of how the deer got the purple nose.


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    Who knocked the birdfeeder down?

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