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  • Wayne Brillhart WAN Lee Publishing; Home of '' Wayne Brillhart
    Rusty and Purdy are looking for new adventures talking to the backyard birds and other creatures.

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    A fun mystery story!

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    English Setter, Purdy, finds the birdfeeder on the ground and broken early one morning. She and her brother Rusty find a bigger mystery when Donna the Downy Woodpecker finds huge footprints ten feet apart way in back of the yard. Nancy the Red-breasted Nuthatch says they look like the Bigfoot footprints she sees up North. The birds become excited about Bigfoot being around. But was it Bigfoot footprints? Edward the Eagle has some input. Read the story to find how Rusty and Purdy solve the mystery with the help of the birds.

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    Rusty and Purdy ask Dottie the Deer how she got the purple nose. She says it is not purple! With the help of ten different birds, a ground hog, a chipmunk and a racoon they solve the mystery. A glossary with all ten birds can be found in back of the book as with all of the Rusty and Purcy Adventure books.

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    "The Deer with the Purple Nose"

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    What people are saying about The Rusty & Purdy Adventure books.

  • “The Deer with the Purple Nose is brilliant! The story of how the book came to be is a story inside a story. I can’t wait to keep the story going with my grandchildren London and Lincoln.”    ...Gayle Treece, Project Manager and Grandma

  • "Love these two books. I went to Emily's 3rd grade class and read 'The Mystery at the Birdfeeder.' They loved it and had so much fun sharing with me what they remembered I read."    ...Katie Hunt

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